live_50.png Cascoland Kolenkit 2010 - cascoland
10 sept 15
Cascoland Sleep Truck
5 Sept 15
Wild West Brew Fest
7 Juni 15
Mobiel Logeerhuis

  --- Cascoland TestToilet 'Pee with a View' @ the Ceuvel!

location/ Umthombo Centre
festival/ Beercrate Architecture
Guide for Underground
17 02 11 - Radio Kolenkip Live
warwick/ Timelapse Movie
Art at the Pool 25 t/m 27 juni
route/ Personalized Publicity
09 10 11 - Buurt Eier Ontbijt
20 09 14 - Wild West Brew Fest
festival/ Pizza Oven
Test Duin Tuinen & Zitplekken
route/ Pimp My Bin
Swimming Pool
festival/ 21st Century Shebeen
Kyrgyz Media
route/ Save 2 Rand
04 06 13 - Kookkit ZomerPicknick
De-Fencing/ Domestic Repairs

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Ra Hlasane

Ra Hlasane

Joburg based artist and lecturer

After Cascoland Joburg 2007 Ra Hlasane worked closely together with local host Joubert Park Project, and eventually is now in charge of Drill Hall cultural activities

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