live_50.png Cascoland Kolenkit 2010 - cascoland
10 sept 15
Cascoland Sleep Truck
5 Sept 15
Wild West Brew Fest
7 Juni 15
Mobiel Logeerhuis

  --- Cascoland TestToilet 'Pee with a View' @ the Ceuvel!

location/ Umthombo Centre
route/ Save 2 Rand
parade/ Mobile Zebra
parade/ Mosquito Bin
umthombo/ Games Tables
parade/ Da Bin Band
route/ Bag and Forth
warwick/ Inflatable Shebeen
warwick/ Mobile Pool
route/ Dutch Bike Ride
route/ Lazy Lounge
warwick/ Timelapse Movie
parade/ d'Urban Xperience
location/ Dala - Alice Rd
parade/ TV Bin
umthombo/ Postbox Lockers
route/ Personalized Publicity
parade/ Musical Turnstile
umthombo/ Screenkids
route/ Mobile Office

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Cascoland Durban 2008

Clive Greenstone

Clive Greenstone

Clive Greenstone is researching roof gardens (green roof designs) in relation to global warming the heat island effect, biodiversity and stormwater management.  His research was centred around the point development (which has subsequently taken no intiative to try and develop away from environmentally damaging conventional methods.) He is currently involved with setting up a pilot project with the municipality  as well as fininshing his masters degree in town and regional planning at the UKZN.