live_50.png Cascoland Kolenkit 2010 - cascoland
10 sept 15
Cascoland Sleep Truck
5 Sept 15
Wild West Brew Fest
7 Juni 15
Mobiel Logeerhuis

  --- Cascoland TestToilet 'Pee with a View' @ the Ceuvel!

festival/ Audience
De-Fencing/ Domestic Repairs
festival/ Beercrate Architecture
De-Fencing/ Fence Furniture
21st Century Shack
festival performance
festival/ Shooting Range Pool
location/ Drill Hall
festival/ Urban Playmobile
Rainbow Singing Mono
De-Fencing/ Front Face Fence
festival padpatrol
festival/ 21st Century Shebeen
De-Fencing/ Inside Out
workshop/ Screenprinting
workshop/ Medicinal Herbs
workshop/ 24 Magazine
Pedestrian Poetry
research/ sharpCity
festival/ Cartyre Demo

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Cascoland Joburg 2007

Jair Straschnow

Jair Straschnow

Dutch/Israeli designer who produces objects people can relate to - objects that will improve life as we know it, on a functional level as well as on a mental one. A lot of his work starts with a loop, a ring. Out of one piece of metal he bends his designs without any joints. Straschnow has exhibited internationally and past projects/exhibitions include Cascoland 2007, Drill Hall, Johannesburg.

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