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Cascoland Durban 2008

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WHERE: Durban, South Africa
WHEN: Jan - May 2008
WHAT: Activation pedestrian routes through 30+ projects
WITH: Dala, BAT Centre

The objective of Cascoland Durban 2008, which ran from 4 February to 16 March 2008, was to activate pedestrian routes, through artistic and architectural interventions and eventually a 10-day daily street parade called d’Urban Experience.

'While the Cascoland model was never particularly interested in the brick and mortar of architecture, this year saw a difficult, beautiful and very real shift into those 'spaces of in-between' that Doung Jahangeer has so often spoken about, most importantly light seems to have finally reached those oft-forgotten people that inhabit them.
The intention of the parade was to activate public spaces through audience participation. The relationship to it's audience is far more than the one sided act of looking. Cascoland pulled audience members who would not normally find themselves in these areas into re-enacting this natural phenomenon of walking, an unrecognised form of transport taken by thousands of people each day. The intention of having outside audience par take in the parade is that they are taken on a journey in which perspectives are challenged, and the act of looking shifts to experiencing and then very importantly participating. Having the audience become performatory created a socially charged experience, whose by-products are secondary to process.
Fiona's brainchild has not only survived in this country but it is thriving. The original model of Cascoland has of course shifted, but it is exactly this pliable quality that impresses me most. Cascoland as a working process has shaped itself each year to ensure a relevance to its environment but at the same time it makes sure it does its fair share of environmental shaping.'
- Bronwyn Lace, A Look Away