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Cascoland Joburg 2007

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WHERE: Johannesburg, South Africa
WHEN: Jan - May 2007
WHAT: Reclaiming public function Drill Hall
WITH: Joubert Park Project

Cascoland was invited by Joubert Park Project to work at the Drill Hall in the downtown/Joubert Park area between 1 February and 18 March 2007.
As opposed to Cascoland eNewXds, which was situated in a township, the setting of Cascoland Joburg 2007 was downtown Johannesburg. This different context posed a specific and altogether different set of criteria to the Cascoland method.
The challenge for Cascoland Joburg 2007 was the disclosing and the reclaiming of the public function of the Drill Hall.

'To me, Joubert Park is a nowhere land, lost in the anonymity of illegal migrants. Nothing is fixed. Danger is palpable. The traffic screams. One couldn't think of a more dense, challenging and, possibly, ludicrous place to launch an international public-art initiative.
Boundaries are both spatial and social, and investigating their validity has proved the project's strength. As much as Cascoland was a short-lived experiment, it challenged some of the fundamental preconceptions of a city - and a country - that is clearly in crisis when it comes to public space.
All it took to turn one of downtown Joburg's no-go zones into an urban playground was a few artists and some Dutch courage.'
Adam Lewin, Sunday Times