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Cascoland Joburg 2007

Pedestrian Poetry

Pedestrian Poetry
Pedestrian Poetry
Pedestrian Poetry
Pedestrian Poetry
Pedestrian Poetry
Maya Marx

Pedestrian Poetry


In producing her artwork Maja Marx looks out for marks of change. Inscriptions that tell her about the people in that space and how they read the space. For the Pedestrian Poetry project she worked with an urban version of landscape inscription by creating six zebracrossings out of poetry lines and performing on them with her ‘pad potrollie’. Challenging the informal surrounding of the Drill Hall with an unofficial but formal looking intervention.

The specific locations chosen for the project are crucial; as one of the inner cities thorough fares, Twist Street represents a dynamic combination of different modes of movement, an exchange of different nationalities and a general space of cultural negotiation. As a whole, the statements function loosely as a poem, with each crossing serving as an independent declaration that speaks back to its specific location